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Planning is a necessity in modern life. The time to plan your estate is now while you are able. Every person will need some type of estate plan to properly dispose of their property after they are gone. The foundation of a good estate plan often begins with a trust and/or a will. A trust ... more

1Feb, 14

I provide comprehensive and strategic life and estate planning for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) individuals and families. As an ally of the LGBT community, I have had the honor and privilege of helping hundreds of LGBT individuals and families plan their estates.    I know the issues and can help you have the proper ... more

1Apr, 14

Disability Planning No person likes to think about their possible disability or incapacity. However, it is an essential part of any life and estate planning. In order to plan for your possible disability or incapacity, I recommend that you consider the following documents: Durable Power of Attorney for Property/Financial (DPOA-Property) Durable Power of Attorney for ... more

1May, 14

If a loved one dies with a trust in place, then I can counsel you as the successor trustee of the trust. I provide guidance and assistance in interpreting the dispositive provisions of trusts. I regularly advise and assist trustees on their fiduciary duties and responsibilities under the trust, including but not limited to: Identifying ... more

2May, 14

Death is always a difficult matter. When a loved one passes away, his or her estate may be required to proceed through a court process either called probate administration (with a will) or estate administration (without a will). This process is very complex and technical. Without an attorney, the process can be confusing and cause ... more

3May, 14

A Supplemental Needs Trust also known as a Special Needs Trust (SNT) can be an effective estate planning tool. The SNT enables a person, under the age of 65, with a physical or mental disability or a person with a chronic or acquired illness, to have held in trust for his or her benefit an ... more

4May, 14


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Sometimes it may be necessary to have a court-appointed guardianship over an adult who has become incapacitated, or over a minor under the age of 18 when necessary or convenient. In either event, I can help if a guardianship proceeding is required. A guardianship is a very complex and technical proceeding. I offer the following ... more

6May, 14

Business Law

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Start Up Services I regularly advise and represent clients on issues involving the formation of an appropriate business entity, the acquisition and sale of a business, real estate property matters, contract review and negotiation and general business/corporate law. I can advise and assist you with the proper selection of a business entity and the formation ... more