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Estate Planning When Tragedy Strikes

Our amount of time on this earth is unpredictable. 

As the average life expectancy continues to rise, most Americans feel like they have all the time in the world before they need to focus on something as unsettling as their own death. In some minds, thinking about death equates to thinking about estate planning.

But, what if something tragic happens? Or, what if you or someone you love is in a horrible accident? 

If you assume that your family will carry out your wishes when it comes to the custody of your children, or the inheritance of your assets, that isn’t good enough. Without a legal document, your wishes mean nothing.

Suddenly, getting your affairs in order becomes a top priority. 

Here is a short list of how to organize your thoughts and what to consider when compiling the details of your financial life. For example, designate your beneficiaries on all of your accounts. Then, make sure you have a will. A will can serve as a catchall in case there are not beneficiaries for some of your assets.  

Additionally, have all of your estate planning information in one place. A binder works great as long as you tell your family where it is. Easily accessible assures less stress among the family at this time.

Take the time to gather this information for your loved ones. It will save them some heartache and frustration should anything happen to you or your family.

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