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Estate Planning tips to keep your money in the family

Most people do not realize that you need an estate plan regardless of how much money you have in the bank. Estate plans and wills ensure that your assets will go to the intended heirs and not the government.  Any unclaimed estates become the property of the government after a specified amount of time. A…Read More

How to protect your child after they turn 18

Congratulations, your child is now an adult!  It’s an exciting time in their lives. Many parents of an 18-year-old are unsure if they have prepared their child adequately for life as an adult. Also important is creating estate planning documents, because turning eighteen changes how the rest of the world, and how the law, now…Read More

When is the right time to take the car keys from your loved one?

Driving a car can feel like second nature, but as we age that feeling turns into uncertainty. Aging affects eyesight, reflexes and overall safety while driving. The decision to take car keys away from an aging family member or friend is an emotional one but having those hard conversations earlier and paying attention to any…Read More

Children Or Not, You Still Need An Estate Plan

It’s a common misconception that only wealthy individuals, or those with children, need an estate plan. However, everyone has belongings, a car, some own their own home. If a person passes away and they do not have a will or estate plan, the probate courts will decide who gets their belongings. Simply put, everyone needs…Read More

What are the duties of a legal guardian for aging parents?

What are the duties of a legal guardian or conservator?  A legal guardian or conservator is appointed by the court when an individual has been determined to be mentally or physically incapacitated. This can also be a minor who is in need of an adult to manage their assets.  Guardians A guardian has a fiduciary…Read More

Special Needs Trusts: Planning Ahead for Your Disabled Child

Families who have a loved one with special needs have a unique set of challenges. Parents of a special needs child or adult usually have services in place to create a structured and safe environment for them to live a productive life. A trust is also the best way to be sure that your special needs…Read More