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How to protect your child after they turn 18

Congratulations, your child is now an adult!  It’s an exciting time in their lives. Many parents of an 18-year-old are unsure if they have prepared their child adequately for life as an adult. Also important is creating estate planning documents, because turning eighteen changes how the rest of the world, and how the law, now…Read More

Who needs a trust?

Before we consider the need for a trust, it’s important to understand exactly what a trust is.  A trust is a legal document that is formed between two or more parties where one person, who is called a trustee, holds property on behalf of another, called a beneficiary. More specifically, a trust is created when property…Read More

Thinking About a Joint Bank Account with Mom? Think Again.

Taking care of an aging parent can bring a unique set of challenges for both you and your parent. First of all, talk with your parents about estate planning. Do they have a will? Do they have a medical directive readily accessible? When the time comes, have they thought about who they would designate as…Read More