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Preparing for the Challenges That Come with Aging

What is Sjögren’s? Sjögren’s is an autoimmune disease affecting the lives of up to 4 million Americans. This systemic disease affects the entire body with symptoms of extensive dryness in the eyes and mouth, and will result in fatal damages to the tissues, can cause neurological problems as well as lung disease and cancer. New…Read More

Estate Planning for Divorced Families

Divorce is not easy. Along with the vast amount of change you go through is managing your estate plan. Because your needs, wants, priorities and goals change during this time, it is essential to adjust your estate plan to reflect these changes. Read on to learn how to update your estate plan after divorce. How…Read More

LGBTQ+ Life & Estate Planning

Estate planning is critical and essential for all couples including LGBTQ+ couples. While there isn’t a vast difference in the process of drafting estate planning documents between heterosexual couples and LGBTQ+ couples, same-sex couples face unique challenges when dealing with estate plans and end-of-life care and may need to review their current documents. Here are…Read More

Advance Directive for Health Care: What you need to know

An ADHC is a specific type of document that allows you to tell your health care providers, in advance, how you want to be treated in the event you are determined by a physician to have a “terminal condition,” are “persistently unconscious” or have an “end-stage condition.” These terms have a particular definition under Oklahoma…Read More

What is Medicaid Planning?

Medicaid planning, a form of estate planning, helps disabled persons or senior aged persons as they pay for long-term care. Proper planning can help families and individuals save thousands of dollars and avoid serious mistakes. Read on to learn more about Medicaid planning and Elder Law. Medicaid Planning: Things to Know An extremely complex program,…Read More

5 Reasons You Should Have a Living Trust

Planning is essential in life and planning your estate now while you are able is necessary. Before you pass, you will want to ensure that your property is properly disposed of with some type of estate plan in place. Read on to learn more about the 5 reasons you should have a living trust. What…Read More

Protect Your Loved Ones with an Estate Plan

When the unexpected happens, the most important thing to do for our loved ones is to make sure they have all they need. While preparing for the unexpected is a task less desired by many, it is necessary. Read on to learn how planning your estate ensures that your loved ones are prepared if you…Read More

15 ways elder law attorneys can help seniors

Elder law attorneys provide counsel for the unique issues of older clients and their loved ones. They advocate for the rights of seniors and help to navigate federal, state, and local laws. They must be informed about available assistance, both government and private, and knowledgeable of any laws that pertain to the civil rights and…Read More

Lack of estate planning leads to family feuds

A will or estate plan’s purpose is to avoid disagreements or confusion on how to distribute family assets. Unfortunately, bitter and long-lasting family feuds crop up when an estate is administered that is unclear or unfair. According to a study released earlier this year by LegalShield, 90% of Americans say that having a will is…Read More

Dementia and its impact on financial health

Money troubles are typical among people who are beginning to experience cognitive declines. Studies show that many people start losing the ability to manage finances and make sound decisions as their memory, organizational skills and self-control falter long before they receive a dementia diagnosis.  Unfortunately, banks are slow to introduce guidelines that protect the older…Read More