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What You Should Know About Contesting a Will

The death of a parent can be a difficult time. These times are made easier if your loved one had a will, power of attorney, and full state plan. Even though you and your siblings are grieving together, past differences can crop up and money is usually the culprit.  If you discover that you have…Read More


Beneficiary designations are widely used in financial and estate planning.  These designations are commonly used to name the individuals or entities who are to receive the proceeds of life insurance policies, annuities or retirement plans after the death of the owner. Through the use of beneficiary designations, many assets can be transferred after death without any…Read More

Why You Need To Keep Wills and Trusts Current

Wills and trusts are important elements in any comprehensive estate plan.  These legal documents are called “living documents”. Most people realize it is important to have a will and/or trust, but many forget to update them as changes in their situation occur. Those who create a will or trust using an estate planning website usually…Read More

What Happens When You Are Named The Executor of a Will

If you are named as an executor for someone’s will you should consider it an honor. That person believes that you have the ability to settle debts, distribute assets and complete all the tasks necessary to close out their estate. Even though you are not required to accept this position, most executors feel compelled to…Read More

How To Disinherit Someone From Your Will

Families who do not get along are common. Bad family dynamics should be considered when it comes time to do your estate planning, including your will or trust. Fractured relationships may cause you to disinherit that person, as unpleasant as it may be. Additionally, divorce, blended families, or addiction tend to change family relationships faster…Read More

Why You Should Include Charities In Your Will

Although charitable giving is not the first thing that comes to mind when people begin their estate planning, most people do want to use their money to help change the world.  The thought of estate planning all by itself is a daunting project. Who wants to think about the end of their lives? The idea of allocating your…Read More

What You Should Know About Creating a Will

Writing a will is not a pleasant task for most people, but it is one of the most critical things you can do for your family. If you put your wishes down in writing, your loved ones can avoid unnecessary hassles after you’re gone and it gives you peace of mind, knowing that your assets…Read More