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Estate Planning Strategies In A COVID-19 World

Estate Planning Strategies In A COVID-19 World



The year 2021 has arrived, and along with it the COVID vaccine. As people get vaccinated across Oklahoma City, and the spread of the COVID virus is starting to lessen, we are still not out of the woods yet. 

The rapid increase in the number of people getting their wills, advance directives, and powers of attorney completed continues. Clients breathe a big sigh of relief once they finalize their estate planning documents, and for good reason. If young children are involved, or you have children from a previous marriage, even the basic estate planning is better than nothing at all.

These strategies can help you think through your next steps in estate planning. 

Most estate planning can still be done from home. Documents can be drafted and emailed to you for review.
Use this extra time at home to think about your estate. Think through any issues that may have come up in the past. Address those things now before you forget them or, it’s too late.
Once documents are approved, they can be finalized in the office or other arrangements can be made, Witnesses and notarizations may be required.
Get it done right. We have seen many documents that were drafted using an online estate planning website. The problem is that states have different requirements when finalizing these documents. The last thing you want is for the probate court to reject your documents because they were not executed correctly.

If you would like to talk about the fees involved with the estate planning process, please give us a call.

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