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Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Planning: Do I Really Need a Will?

Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Planning: Do I Really Need a Will?

The biggest question regarding estate planning is this: Do I really Need a Will?

The short answer is yes, everyone should have a will. People who die without a will leave behind a lengthy probate process for their families. Probate without a will is an experience unlike any other.

Wills are not just for the rich. Regardless of what your assets look like, a will makes sure that your wishes are heard. A will describes in detail how your assets and personal possessions will be distributed to the people you name or designate. A will can help ensure a smooth legal transition of a business you own too. 

Although it is not required by law, having a will also makes things easier for the family and friends that you leave behind.  If you have minor children, your will should provide a plan for their future care and the appointment of a guardian for the children.

When there is no will, Oklahoma state law will dictate who will get your assets and property.

The courts will also appoint a Personal Representative for your estate which could spark a family fight over who should be in charge in the event there is no will.

Your will can be modified at any time, should you change your mind about who receives your assets.

Overall, a will provides peace of mind for both you and your family and an organized distribution of your assets at a difficult time. 

Justia outlines the specifics of wills here.

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