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General Power of Attorney vs Durable Power of Attorney

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Caring for your elder loved ones with their disability planning may lead you to consider a General Power of Attorney or a Durable Power of Attorney. While no person likes to think about possibly becoming disabled or incapacitated, it is essential to do so as part of any life or estate planning. Read on to learn the differences between a General Power of Attorney and a Durable Power of Attorney.

What is a GPOA and what is a DPOA?

If you are caring for your aging parents, having a GPOA would allow your parents to appoint you as their representative. Your role is to support your parents under their guidance and supervision while they can make their own decisions. If they become incapacitated, your duties as a GPOA will end.

An individual appointed as a representative in a DPOA are given legal authority to act on their parents’ behalf. You will care for them even if they become incapacitated and until they pass on.

Understanding the Key Difference

The key difference between the two options is simple, incapacitation.

A DPOA does not give an automatic deadline by which the powers expire. Rather, they stay in effect until the principal (your parent) passes on or until the principal revokes the power granted to the representative.

Choose a Trusted Expert to Guide You

Disability planning can be complex. Choosing a trusted expert with years of practice in estate planning, disability planning, powers of attorney, and more can be beneficial to you in many ways.

Kevin L. Miller, PC is an estate planning attorney in Oklahoma City with over 35 years of experience in estate planning, elder law, probate and more. Kevin will guide you through the process of creating a trust, will, advanced directive and POA document.

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