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How to Include your Digital Life in your Estate Planning

How to Include your Digital Life in your Estate Planning

It used to be that when someone died, there was a basic plan to settle their estate: clean out the house, go through all the papers, and file a tax return at the end of the year. 

Times have changed. Today we live part of our lives online, which can cause problems for our loved ones when we die.

If you have accounts on financial websites, social media, websites for which you have paid subscriptions, bills that you pay online, and any other websites, the best thing to do is to create a master list with all of the websites and your login information for each. If these passwords are stored on a password management program, you simply need to provide the login details for that.

Do you want to have all of these accounts deleted? Do any of these accounts have monetary value? For each account that you have, you should leave specific directions for your executor. If you have extensive accounts online, you may want to designate a separate, Digital Executor. 

You might have incomplete work on the computer or in cloud storage. Many people want these items to be deleted or destroyed upon their death while others have someone in mind to handle the items.

Don’t delay when it comes to planning out your estate before you pass. Your family with most certaintly thank you.

You will find some valuable resources for online password management here.

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