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The Importance of Digital Assets

The Importance of Digital Assets

Access to your digital assets and accounts in the event of your disability or death is an important part of any estate plan. 

Every year your digital presence grows. Some of your digital accounts may be tied to your bank accounts and some may not. Either way, you should have an ongoing list of all of your digitla assets, including login credentials to access the accounts.

These digital assets may include:

domain name websites
banking and investment websites
email, social media websites
online shopping and gaming websites
photo and video sharing websites
subscriptions for publications, movie and music streaming websites

Once you have the list of digital assets, you then should decide what you want your loved ones to do with them after you’re gone.

You will want to delete or erase many of your accounts. There will be some accounts that you will want to pass to any beneficiaries or business colleagues.

If any of these digital assets have a monetary value you will want your executor to handle these accounts in a specific way.

Your digital assets need the attention of an executor, or they will linger out there in the internet world for a limitless amount of time. The best way to handle the end of life is to tie up ALL of the loose ends, not just the financial ones. Find more information about digital assets here.

We can help you to be certain that your family and loved ones have access to these types of accounts at the appropriate time.

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