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What happens if you don’t probate a will?

What happens if you don't probate a will?

Typically, when a person dies with a will, they have an executor who was named in the will. This person is responsible for being sure that the deceased’s money and property is given to the right people and the debts are paid.

Once a person passes away, the executor should file the will in court to start the probate process. We have seen that from time to time that an executor will die first. Or, the executor is incapacitated and cannot act as executor. What will happen then?

Most states require anyone in possession of an original, signed will to take it to the court in the county where the person died. If a will is never filed, the estate could be open to a lawsuit. If a beneficiary in the will is hurt financially by the failure of the will being filed with the courts, that person can sue the estate.

Remember, probate is not always necessary. If the person left behind nothing of real value, or the assets were in a joint account at the time of death, probate is not required.

Consult with an attorney if you need more information on the probate process. Read more about the probate process here.

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