What To Do When a Loved One Dies


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We have all lost a friend or family member…someone that we love.

From time to time we may find ourselves in charge of closing out a person’s estate after they die. Such a task can be stressful and overwhelming, but if you were designated to take charge by the person that passed, then it’s a job that should not be taken lightly.

Some of the first things to do after a person’s passing are:

  • Get a legal pronouncement. If your loved one passed away at the hospital, the doctor will complete a form that certifies the cause, time, and place of death. If your loved one passed away at home in hospice, the hospice agency will complete the form for you. If there was no hospice, then a public health official or funeral home can help you get the form completed. This form will be used for the state to create a death certificate. The death certificate is the official document required for any life insurance, real estate or financial assets, and any other financial issues like outstanding debts. 
  • In the following weeks, after you have several copies of the death certificate from the state, you will want to notify several places about the death of your loved one. Life insurance companies, credit agencies like Equifax and Experian, and banks or other financial institutions. If your loved one was receiving Social Security benefits, you need to stop the checks. Also, if they were receiving a  pension or were a member of the VA, they need to be notified immediately.
  • Notify utility companies, the postal service (to stop or forward the mail), and cancel any recurring subscriptions. Also, contact the DMV and IRS to prevent identity theft.
  • If your loved one had a will, it will need to be filed with the probate court. If they did not have a will, then they die intestate. Both of these processes are time-consuming and complicated. An experienced attorney can do this for you. The cost is reasonable, depending on the attorney you select.

If you are in the fortunate position to be offered help from those around you, take them up on it. We hope this list of tasks will help you navigate through that difficult time in your life. 

If we can help you through the process, please contact us here.

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If we can help you through the process, please contact us here.