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Lack of estate planning leads to family feuds

A will or estate plan’s purpose is to avoid disagreements or confusion on how to distribute family assets. Unfortunately, bitter and long-lasting family feuds crop up when an estate is administered that is unclear or unfair. According to a study released earlier this year by LegalShield, 90% of Americans say that having a will is…Read More

Dementia and its impact on financial health

Money troubles are typical among people who are beginning to experience cognitive declines. Studies show that many people start losing the ability to manage finances and make sound decisions as their memory, organizational skills and self-control falter long before they receive a dementia diagnosis.  Unfortunately, banks are slow to introduce guidelines that protect the older…Read More

Tips for an Effective Business Succession Plan

Business leaders create a business succession plan to pass leadership roles down to employees. These plans ensure that businesses continue to run smoothly and without interruption, after leaders retire, pass away, or leave for new opportunities. Succession planning for small businesses is as important for larger entities. Small business planning often means training the next generation…Read More

Estate planning for solo agers

Older adults who live alone have the freedom that comes with a single life, but those who are the most content have taken the time to prepare for the future, which includes estate planning and planning for legal matters. It is imperative for these “solo agers” to communicate their wishes to their executors after they pass…Read More

Cryptocurrency in an estate plan

Estate planning is more complex for individuals with cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional assets, cryptocurrency is not regulated by federal authorities, which may make it difficult for heirs to access them after the owner’s death. Proper planning ensures digital assets are successfully transferred to loved ones and beneficiaries. There are two main ways to own crypto: on…Read More

Oklahoma Probate: Summary Administration in Oklahoma

Fortunately, the Oklahoma legislature has passed a summary administration law with the goal of reducing the time and expense of a regular probate estate.  This summary proceeding can be used for distributing real property and oil and gas interests. In order to qualify for summary administration, the decedent’s probate estate must meet one of the…Read More

How to protect your child after they turn 18

Congratulations, your child is now an adult!  It’s an exciting time in their lives. Many parents of an 18-year-old are unsure if they have prepared their child adequately for life as an adult. Also important is creating estate planning documents, because turning eighteen changes how the rest of the world, and how the law, now…Read More

Are trusts valid from state to state?

Revocable living trusts help shelter estate assets from probate. They help to shield private finances from public scrutiny and provide additional control over the disposition of assets after their owner’s death. Trusts can also save money and minimize the time it takes to settle an estate.  If you have a revocable trust as a part of your estate plan…Read More

Should You Change Your Estate Plan Because of the SECURE Act?

Here is another reason why estate planning is never a one-and-done project. Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act — which took effect on Jan. 1, 2020 — created a mixed bag of benefits and new requirements for Americans saving for retirement. Starting in 2022, a new law, part of the SECURE Act,…Read More